The Unique Appeal of Bespoke Country-Style Kitchens


Viewers who enjoy watching period dramas on television will take great delight in seeing the ‘original’, often solid oak kitchens, of the country style in all their glory on screen. Indeed, the country kitchen style which is so loved and admired today has its roots planted very firmly in the food storage, preparation and cooking areas of the great English houses from times gone by.

Nearly all of the features which made up a typical country kitchen from yesteryear can still be seen in today’s country kitchen designs: open shelves and larder cupboards, dressers for displaying crockery, trestles and/ or refectory tables; even deep ceramic sinks and traditional range cookers.

The fact that hardly any of these essentials have changed very much in centuries helps to ensure modern country kitchens are able to evoke the unique charm of their exquisite forerunners. 

Old to new

So how do professional bespoke kitchen design experts go about creating a functional modern kitchen which is able to retain these traditional features and values? Well, it’s actually quite simple; they simply source the same high-quality materials (solid wood) and create designs which will keep modern labour-saving appliances out of sight, either behind doors or in a separate, annexe room. 

Core essentials

Whilst the exact nature of a kitchen’s style and personality is of course determined by each individual homeowner, there are some design basics that those looking to fit a country-style kitchen would be wise to keep in mind. For example, doors should ideally be Shaker-style – tongue-and-groove, or panelled – and be fitted with wooden or ceramic knobs.

Wall units can include glazing, or be replaced by open shelves for a less formal effect. Residents who are fortunate enough to have large kitchen areas will benefit from adding a dresser and/or larder. Suffice to say, few centrepieces work as well as an enamelled range cooker.

Add to this a ceramic butler’s sink, beamed ceiling, stone-flagged floor, and a farmhouse dining table and the transformation is truly complete! 

A good investment?

Opting for a bespoke traditional kitchen design in the country style makes far more sense than putting in a modern kitchen that’s fashionable now, but which will more than likely look out of date in five to ten years’ time.

Investing in something that will last, both in terms of style and durability, for a whole lifetime will undoubtedly prove to be a very smart move for any aficionado of old-world charm.