Christmas Dinner Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas, Entertaining Kitchens

Santa’s healthy appetite
Forget the presents, forget the tree and forget Wham’s Last Christmas. When it boils down to it, Christmas is all about food.
At any other point throughout the year, it would not be acceptable to sit and consume an abundance of chocolate, alcohol, turkey and all the trimmings, but at Christmas, it is certainly encouraged.

Clean plates all around.
Unfortunately with such a special event, there is often a lot of pressure and keeping a cool head is crucial. With kitchens at the forefront of our minds, here are some of our top tips to create the ultimate Christmas dinner this December:

What to do

1) “Be Prepared” The scouts had their motto as this for a reason. It works. Get your ‘devils on horseback’ ready the day before. Make your stuffing and freeze it, no problem! Prepare all your vegetables for when you pop the turkey in the oven in the morning.
2) Clean, clean, clean. Empty out your fridge of all non-necessities. Nobody likes a warm glass of white wine, and it’s rude not to drink what your visitors bring.
3) Write a Christmas Day timetable For example, 11.30 am turkey in the oven, pudding on to boil, 12.30 pm put potatoes on, etc.
4) Enlist help. Generally, people like to lend a hand. Mums and mothers-in-law like to feel involved. Have an idea of all the jobs you need to do and delegate; Christmas dinner is for everyone, including you.
5) Waste not, want not. With all the food on offer it goes without saying that there are bound to be leftovers. With all the space cleared in your fridge you can be as economical as possible – why not try something a bit different like cranberry, turkey and stuffing pie, brussels sprout and potato croquettes or even something more daring like turkey and cranberry biryani?

If your kitchen needs a complete overhaul this Christmas or New Year now is the time to take advantage. Book now to beat the VAT increase.