What does your sofa type say about you?


Sofas and armchairs are bits of furniture found in every home.

Various shapes and styles are available for houses, offices, hotels, etc. Have you ever thought that there is some kind of a connection between the sofa and its owner? Just look at the latest survey about it.

  1. Loveseats – those two and three-seater sofas are usually found in the homes of romantic people with a caring attitude. This chair reveals that the owner is trustworthy and big on personality. As we all know sofas are perfect for cuddling and come in lots of dreamy types and patterns.
  2. Chaise Lounge – is owned by contemporary and adaptable people often in their mid-20s and with a big and successful career ahead of them. This is a hybrid between a sofa and a chair, perfect for the busy person. It also provides an illusion of a space-taking object while creating intimacy. This sofa shouts style and sophistication and craves professional touch by domestic cleaners.
  3. The reclining sofa – is a symbol of a true bachelor. The place, where to stay, enjoy the game, with a glass of beer and good company. An optimal choice for singles.
  4. Sofa bed – the multi-tasker as its owner. Whether in a relationship or not, these chairs often belong to ladies, that consider both style and livability. Sofa beds are even considered the Oscars of furniture by upholstery and carpet cleaning specialists.
  5. Her Majesty the leather couch – there is no doubt that such sofas are found in luxurious homes of wealthy people. They create an atmosphere of fascination with the need to impress guests and relatives.

Basically, it is not only the budget oneself that is related to the sofas, but also one’s personality, character and even job position.