The Weirdest Cleaning Solutions in 2022


White bread as Oil paintings cleanser

Sometimes, everyday cleaning tasks can be complex, like dusting your beautiful oil paintings. They are magnets of dust and grime and, at the same time, very prone to scratching and other damages that can quickly diminish them. That’s why no matter how weird it sounds, the best cleaning tool for your oil paintings is a loaf of white bread. Gently dab the loaf on the surface to pick up any dirt and grime, and then enjoy your excellent piece of art.

Vodka as fixture cleanser

If you do not rely on a professional cleaning company to make your chrome, glass or porcelain fixtures shine with cleanliness, try to clean them with vodka. Moisten a clean cloth with vodka and then apply elbow grease. The results are perfect – cleanliness and a hangover less.


Lemons are excellent cleansers of kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Moreover, they are the best weapons against the white film and grey spots on your crystal glasses. Just scrub them clean mirrors with a slice of lemon, and they will sparkle again. You get a bonus as well – fresh spring aroma in your home.

Coffee as Natural Odour Killer

Get rid of the unpleasant smells in your refrigerator by placing a bowl of dry coffee grounds. You will be shocked how quickly the odour of spoiled food will be gone. If you are a big coffee fan and have some extra beds, do not throw them in the garbage – scrub your pans instead.

Vinegar and Baking Soda  – are often used by many experienced domestic cleaners.

These kitchen ingredients can be described as the soldiers of green cleaning. You can use them for cleaning almost everything in your home –different carpet stains, stubborn clothing stains, grease spots, glassware, dirty dishes and surfaces, clogged drains, etc. They have wide usage in cleaning; they are of natural origin and do not threaten your health.